The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice

The Vampire Lestat  - Anne Rice

I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting here, I guess 'more of the same' from the first one, but boy was I surprised! This is not more of the same, this, told with a different voice and a different style to reflect the different character speaking, expands upon and entwines within and deconstructs and delves deep into the story of the first one, telling it from a new perspective and showing you all the things you missed viewing it from the wrong angle in the first one.


This...this is everything a sequel should be and more. I was highly pleasantly surprised by this. If you read Interview with the Vampire, you HAVE to keep going and read this one too. :)


(though, trigger warning for huge anti-blackness and white-savourism regarding the ancient egyptian vampires depicted in this; it really put me off reading in places)