The Gunslinger  - Stephen King I'm only a third of the way through this so far but I'm having a hard time continuing. The /protagonist/ just raped a woman with the barrel of a pistol (aborting her child in the process) and nobody seems to care about this. You can't have a /protagonist/ who's a rapist. You just can't. Anti-heroes should not be lacking in morals, merely societal conduct. :S

Edit: Okay, now he's murdered an entire village, including women and children. He seems vaguely troubled by this, but not in the least bit remorseful, because it was necessary. Because they were mobbing him. Because he's a fucking child-murdering rapist.

...I really, really hate this gunslinger guy.

Final Edit: Only managed to get through this because other people assured me it gets better later in the series. My King-love alone wasn't enough to get me through this rage-inducing book. And that's saying a lot. :|

*crosses fingers that it really does get better*