Island (Flamingo Modern Classic) - Aldous Huxley

This book utterly horrified me. Not because of the book itself, but because everyone sold it to me as a utopia.


This is not a utopia.


This may be the author's vision of a utopia, but the author is an ableist pedophilic dickhead.


Utopias don't have mandatory manual labour.


Utopias don't require people to always be in the present moment and never let people sit around and think.


Utopias don't insist on sex for everyone.


Utopias DEFINITELY don't have mandatory 'lessons in the art of love' for 15-yr-olds with teachers old enough to be their parents.


Utopias don't allow older men to marry 16-year-old girls.


Utopias would not have a rate of 1 in 3 people being mentally ill, because mental illness is in large part a response to trauma and oppression.


Utopias would respond to those who were mentally ill with individually tailored care, not generic catch-alls and mandatory treatment that won't work for most people.


I didn't even finish this book. I couldn't bring myself to. It was a whole load of intellectual bollocks about shit the author didn't understand that was being used to justify the author's sex drive (and probably infidelity, if the main characters views are anything to go on).