The Unwashed Dead - Ian Woodhead

Things I did not like about this book:


It's told from the point of view of a whole bunch of unsympathetic and complete asshole characters, to the point that I was cheering when they died.


The point of view characters kept dying so you never quite knew who you were meant to be following and it was impossible to actually root for anyone.


NONE of the MANY MANY point of view characters were female. The one female character who actually survives has a complete change of personality halfway through and then seemed to just do whatever the plot called for regardless of her actual character. Actually, that was what happened to the other female who survived up to halfway through - sudden change of personality that resulted in her death. It was completely out of character and just read as 'the author needs someone to die here and thinks females are both expendable and completely changeable anyway'. Basically, the author's misogyny shines all the way through this book.


The ending is incredibly abrupt and not actually an ending at all. It would work for a chapter ending, but not a book ending, and I understand there are sequels but you don't make a multiple-book series just by chopping haphazardly inbetween chapters. You have to actually end the damn book still.


Things I liked about this book:


Zombies. In England.